Infrastructure Expansion for SharePoint 2013

RB AntiguaVerizon FiOS has been out for 8 years now and it finally made it to our corner of the world.  Apparently there was some issue with a local municipality making unreasonable requests of the vendor.  I know, shocking right, but I digress.

I am starting with 75MB down and 35MB up to compliment the Comcast line with 100MB down and 20MB up.  Yes, I now have 2 Internet providers.  There is method to my madness.

As a residential customer (I refuse to pay higher business rates) I can only get a single dynamic IP address.  Unfortunately I finally needed a second IP address because Office Web Apps 2013 (which as you know now runs on it’s own server) has to run on ports 80/443.  Internally this is not a problem but publically the Cybercon website, blog and Exchange already use my only public port 80/443 so I had no external access to Office Web Apps outside my network.

Now with the addition of FiOS I can move all the 2013 servers to use FiOS and keep the Cybercon websites and Exchange 2010 (I am in the process of migrating to 2013) on the Comcast line.  Adding a 3rd NIC to the Untangle firewall and installing the WAN Load Balancing app (very reasonably priced) I have complete control over what (and who) goes where.  Now Office Web Apps 2013 is fully accessible from everywhere and I configured it to run with the Exchange 2013 OWA so previews of office docs are just like they are in SharePoint.

Now I think I need  a SAN…

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