Updating SharePoint Web Parts

From Secrets of SharePoint – Tip of the Day

You can use Windows PowerShell when updating Web Parts on a SharePoint 2010 Web site. First, you can retrieve a specific Web site:

PS > $spWeb = Get-SPWeb http://SP01.powershell.nu

Next, retrieve the Site page that contains the Web Part and check it out:

PS > $sitePages = $spWeb.GetFolder(“SitePages”)

PS > $homeASPX = $sitePages.Files |

>> Where-Object { $_.Name -eq “Home.aspx” }

PS > $homeASPX.CheckOut()

Next, retrieve the Web Part Collection using the GetWebPartCollection() method:

PS > $webPartCollection =

>> $spWeb.GetWebPartCollection(“SitePages/Home.aspx”,”Shared”)

Next, retrieve a Web Part from the Web Part Collection. In this example, we’ll use the “Shared Documents” Web part on a Default Team Site:

PS > $webPart = $webPartCollection |

>> Where-Object { $_.Title -eq “Shared Documents” }

Now, you can update various properties on the Web Part. In the example below, you can change the Web Part’s title:

PS > $webPart.Title = “A New Title”

To save the changes, you can use the SaveChanges() method on the Web Part Collection and check in the Site Page:

PS > $webPartCollection.SaveChanges($webPart.StorageKey)

PS > $homeASPX.CheckIn(“”)

PS > $homeASPX.Publish(“”)

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