Add UI Culture to SharePoint

From Secrets of SharePoint – Tip of the Day

You can add supported UI Cultures to a SharePoint 2010 Site using Windows PowerShell. First, you can retrieve a specific Web site:

PS > $spWeb = Get-SPWeb

Next, set the IsMultilingual property to true:

PS > $spWeb.IsMultilingual = $true

PS > $spWeb.Update()

Next, you can retrieve the Regional Settings that are used on the Server:

PS > $spReg = New-Object Microsoft.SharePoint.SPRegionalSettings $spWeb

Next, locate the LCID of the UI Culture that you want to add support. You can find this information from the Installed Languages Property:

PS > $spReg.InstalledLanguages

To add a supported UI Culture, you can use the AddSupportedUICulture() method and use the LCID as input:

PS > $spWeb.AddSupportedUICulture(1053)

PS > $spWeb.Update()

PS > $spWeb.Dispose()

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