The Things to Check Before Applying Cumulative Updates

From Secrets of SharePoint – Tip of the Day

John Ferringer

When preparing to patch your environment, make sure to check two things about your environment before running the installers:

  1. If you are running Microsoft Office SharePoint Server       2007, you must first apply the same patch for its free version before       running the server version. That means that if you’re installing the April       2011 Cumulative Update for MOSS 2007, you must first install the April       2011 CU for WSS v3 in your farm before running the MOSS 2007 CU. The good       news is that this is not an issue with SharePoint 2010, the patches for       SharePoint Foundation 2010 are included by default in the SharePoint       Server 2010 CUs and do not need to be applied separately.

If you have language packs installed in your farm, you must apply the CU updates for those language packs after installing the free version’s updates but before installing the server version’s updates.

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