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See Cybercon Services latest article published by the P4P Hotel on their MFP Solutions Blog outlining the new Sales Order Process Automation (SOPA) application. For dealers, tracking the equipment sales order process is source of continued frustration. Delivery delays, lost documents, missed deadlines and a lack of accountability are all symptomatic of an unmanaged order processing system. SOPA can relieve these and many other pain points along with providing dashboard capabilities. Feature include:

  • Process driven workflows providing notification at every phase
  • Captures output from OMD and eAutomate
  • Every order record linked to all captured documents
  • Granular security for access and visibility integrates with your existing Active Directory structure
  • Built on Microsoft's SharePoint platform
  • Connectivity to delivery scheduling
  • Capture signatures in the field on forms such as shipping tickets and D&A's
  • Fully customizable to meet you dealership's specific needs

Cybercon Services, LLC is a business technology consultancy integrating application, information and content management with business process and network infrastructure. Utilizing a broad array of tools and services developed over 25 years of IT, consulting and business technology industry experience we enable increased productivity, profitability, customer satisfaction and competitive advantage for our clients by helping them get the most out of technology.

Cybercon Services can assist in guiding your organization towards greater success. Whether your needs are implementing tablet mobility in your enterprise, automating or retooling your business processes, managed network services and support, technology management planning or leveraging best practices to improve your core operations, Cybercon Services is uniquely positioned to assist your organization.

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